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How to judge the rubber joint, the rubber soft joint, the rubber soft connection quality is good or​


How to judge the quality of the rubber flexible joint, the quality of the rubber soft connection? More and more now on the market sell rubber joint, there will inevitably encounter some shoddy to sell, if you do not know how to judge the quality of the rubber joint, just buy back only to find that the bad, brought back, if the seller to retire, just wasting your time running back and forth, if the seller does not willing to retreat, it would have to eat yabakui, following teach people how to judge the quality of the rubber joint.
1, look at the color of the rubber joint, particularly bright is not a good rubber ball. A good rubber ball is black, natural light, is a natural rubber color.
2, hand touch, smooth and high flexibility is a good rubber ball. Rubber ball if the surface is not smooth, broken place, not a good rubber ball, especially at the rubber ball inside, to ensure smooth, we know from the internal medium flow, smooth sphere can ensure the smooth passage of medium, not stranded, will not cause erosion of the sphere. Toughness, the main is the use of good plastic, easy displacement, anti-aging.
The above 2 methods are the most simple, the most easy to judge the quality of rubber joints, we can according to the above 2 methods to identify, basically can eliminate the bad quality of the rubber joint.

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