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9 characteristics of the clamp joint​


9 characteristics of the clamp joint
1, fast no need to weld and then galvanized, installation speed than the flange connection pipe fitting faster than 3 times.
2, simple it is lighter than the flange, the mechanical design of the lock is clever, the number of bolts is small, no need to lock the hole to the hole.
3, reliable
4, vibration isolation
5, economic security is convenient for the project budget, more than 20% of the total project cost savings of the flange connection, construction without power supply, oxygen, fire.
Welding type concentric reducer
6, zero pollution
7, occupy less space
8, convenient maintenance and replacement and only need to remove the two clamps, 4 bolts, easy extension, pipeline replacement, direction of rotation. Uniform wear.
9, complete piping
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